Skin Treatments

#PreservingthePretty Facial

This ultimate treatment for glowing skin (and perfect pairing to your #preservingthepretty injectable treatments) includes a dermaplane, Diamond Glow, and soothing hydro-jelly mask. Complete with medical grade products and customized at-home skin care regimen, this treatment serves up glowing skin on a silver platter!

DiamondGlow Facial

Experience DiamondGlow®—a next-level, noninvasive skin-resurfacing treatment, designed to work with SkinMedica® advanced skincare products. Together, they deliver radiant, healthy-looking skin. DiamondGlow’s diamond tip wand delivers a next-level resurfacing treatment deeply cleans and rejuvenates the skin. Finishing with LED light therapy (free nap included), this treatment will leave you glowing.

The Skin Charming Custom Facial

This facial is fully customizable to your skin’s individual needs and concerns! Our aesthetician will perform a skin analysis to determine the perfect products to use. All custom facials include exfoliation, massage, and mask specific to your skin’s needs.

The Skin Charming Mama Facial

Our custom Mama facial focuses on creating an individualized facial experience with mommy + baby in mind. Treat yourself to a facial experience utilizing products, technology, and treatments (including a dermaplane!) to keep you safe + glowing! Safe for moms who are pregnant and/or breast feeding. 

The Custom SC Man Facial

Our Skin Charm custom facial for men. This treatment is designed to clear, hydrate and revitalize skin. All custom facials include exfoliation, massage, and mask.

The Breath of Fresh Air Facial

This advanced Pro-B vitamin rich treatment delivers oxygen into the skin to fight signs of aging helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Complete with enzymatic mask, this facial is sure to leave you glowing.

Facial of the Month

Our unique ever changing facial of the month utilizes our Farmhouse Fresh line for a cozy all-natural approach to a corrective skin treatment.

Chemical Peels

Expertly formulated chemical peels made to help you achieve your skin care goals. Our aesthetician will help you pick a chemical peel perfect for your skin type + desired outcome.

Dermaplane + Oilplane

Dermaplaning is a manual form of exfoliation to remove the outer layer of vellus hair and dead skin cells. This facial includes a medical cleanse and dermaplane finishing with medical grade products leaving you with softer skin allowing for better product penetration revealing a smooth bright glow!

If you have sensitive, dry, reactive or easily irritated skin the Oilplane Facial is your treatment. It provides all the same benefits as dermaplane without the irritation. We prep the skin with a non-comedogenic oil to provide a slick barrier between the blade and your skin leaving you with a hydrated glow.

Skin Care Consultations

Unsure of which treatment is right for you? Confused about how to design the perfect home care regimen for beautiful, dewy skin? Honey, we’ve been there. Navigating the seemingly endless ocean of products, treatments, expert advice, and anecdotal evidence from your B.F.F. is enough to drive anyone crazy.

During our skin care consultations, one of our aesthetic nurses will thoroughly assess your skin, review your current product line-up, and design a regimen to target your specific concerns with industry-leading, aesthetically elegant products from SkinMedica and PCA Skin.



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