Frequently Asked Questions

Injectable procedures, like botox, filler, and kybella, are all non-invasive procedures- meaning the use of anesthesia and/or pain medication during or post-procedures is not necessary. With that being said, the use of a needle in the skin means there is always a chance you will have some bruising and/or swelling. While you will not need to take time off of work to have a procedure done, it is most ideal if you can have your services performed at least 2-4 weeks prior to any events to allow time to heal and the product to fully settle.

Injectables can be somewhat overwhelming- whether you are familiar, or not familiar with being treated with them. There are many different products available, which is super exciting, but also very confusing for patients. An in-person consultation for assessment and discussion of your goals, with a review of your anatomy is the best place to start. During a consultation you can expect to review before + after photos as well as products, and discuss the best short and long term treatment options that are available to you. You will also receive an estimate for cost of services after you are assessed by your provider in person and can talk one on one in regards to your goals.

Neuromodulators typically take about 3-7 days to start working, and will reach their highest therapeutic level at day 14. Because neuromodulators take time to work after your departure from the office, patients are welcome to return after two weeks should they wish to make or discuss any adjustments to their treatment plan,and/or be retreated with the use of additional medication.

I always say that while filler injections are a more “instant gratification” treatment, they get even better with time. Because there is always the risk of swelling and/or bruising post-filler, you’ll want to wait at least 2-4 weeks before fully evaluating your final outcome. I always encourage patients to treat on the side of conservatism because you can always add more (if safe + appropriate for your anatomy). Another exciting thing about filler is that it stimulates your own collagen production process, so you will find that your filler treatments should last you longer and longer each time you have something done.

Most patients do not use topical anesthetic numbing agents prior to botox, kybella, and even some filler treatments and remain very comfortable during their quick treatment process. I do encourage patients to apply numbing cream prior to lip injections, as well as injections around the mouth and lip area (especially my first-timers) as these areas can be a little more sensitive to treat. Fortunately, with the use of our topical numbing agents for the more sensitive areas, injectables are relatively quick and comfortable with little to no pain or downtime. The use of narcotic pain medication is not necessary post-procedure, and if a patient experiences slight tissue soreness after injectables, tylenol can be taken for comfort. The use of intermittent icing is also encouraged to aid in a speedy recovery, and to reduce post-procedural swelling.

Working out is good for you, and is always highly-encouraged! Ideally, if you can avoid strenuous exercise (think cross-fit, HIIT, running, and competitive road biking or swimming) for at least 24-48 hours post-procedure it will allow for a more speedy healing period, and reduce the risk of additional swelling. Leisurely walks and stretching are encouraged for the first few days as alternative exercise choices.

If possible and permitted by your physician, discontinuing the use of blood-thinners, NSAIDS,  and herbal supplements two weeks prior to procedures is encouraged as an attempt to reduce the chance of bruising. If you are not able to discontinue your medications prior to procedure because of a medical condition, you are still able to have your procedure completed, however your risk of bruising and a possibly lengthier down time is likely. While the use of oral and topical arnica montana and bromelain supplements are not studied by the FDA, many patients and industry professionals believe them to be helpful in minimizing post-procedural swelling and/or bruising.  Never discontinue the use of prescription medications without direct orders from your physician. You should not take herbal supplements without direct orders from your physician if you are taking any prescription medications as they can interact causing negative, and sometimes life-threatening medical conditions. Your health always comes first over aesthetic injectable procedures.

Medical clearance for patients with some auto-immune and medical conditions is required to ensure your safety.

Once Kybella is injected into your undesired fat cells, it begins to work almost immediately. To explain Kybella simply, try to imagine the “double chin” fat cells getting injected with medication and then immediately swelling as the process of fat cell destruction begins. During the immediate post-injection inflammatory phase the fat cells swell prior to rupturing and are then naturally eliminated by your body and permanently removed.. The immediate (and most obvious swelling) that occurs post-kybella usually lasts 2-5 days post procedure, and some microswelling and site tenderness can last up to two weeks. After a patient is treated with Kybella, they can expect the result of their treatment to surface about 8-12 weeks post-procedure. Some patients will need multiple treatments of kybella to achieve their desired outcome, while other patients only require one treatment. You can expect to see measurable outcome after each procedure as each patient has a different quantity of fat cells located below the jawline.

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