Eye Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Eye Cream!

Eyes are known to be the windows to the soul and one of the most important features on your face.  So, why does it seem to be the most neglected part of our skincare regimens? Not anymore! Keep reading for our case as to why you should add an eye cream into your skin care routine.  

What do eye creams do?

Eye creams primarily hydrate which is very important because of the lack of oil glands in the under eye area most of your hydration comes from your eye cream. Which as a result provides a more plumped effect therefore reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, some eye creams even target specific concerns (such as darkness) that can be targeted with different ingredients that are not traditionally found in moisturizers (such as caffeine).

Why should I invest in an eye cream?

You don’t have as many oil glands under your eye as the rest of your face. This means you need to add back in that moisture. Not so fast! The skin around your eyes is much thinner and delicate which is why it’s so important to not use your regular moisturizer around the eyes. The ingredients used in moisturizers are not made for the under eye area which can be too irritating to such a fine area. 

 Which eye cream should I pick?

Just like serums and moisturizers eye creams come in different forms whether your looking to treat dryness, fine lines, dark circles, or puffiness there are tons of different formulations that will suit your individual needs and skin goals. Right this way for some of our favorite Eye Product Recommendations… 

Instant Bright

Instant Bright is the perfect eye cream for treating dark circles. If you’re already a SkinMedica junkie you will love this. We like to think of it as if HA5 and Lytera 2.0 had a baby–it’s that good. It has Caffeine and Resorcinol to correct hyperpigmentation supporting melanin balance to correct dark circles. While the hyaluronic acid provides maximum hydration soothing and minimizing fine lines. 

TNS Eye Repair

As we all know, TNS is the gold standard of anti-aging so they made it into an eye cream! TNS Eye Repair contains human growth factors which is the key ingredient for smoothing the under eyes. It’s other key ingredient is Boron Nitride which is known to combat discoloration while helping to preserve a youthful appearance. 

Ideal Complex Revitalizing Eye Gel

Great for all skin types! This eye cream is jam packed with Peptides, Boron Nitride, Vitamin A, and Niacinamide that will brighten dark circles & puffiness. The perfect cocktail of ingredients to  increase cell turnover, elasticity, and collagen synthesis without the irritation as well as infusing antioxidants into the skin.

Sheer Tint Eye Triple Complex Broad Spectrum SPF 30

The perfect eye cream for a no-makeup pool day that will leave you looking bright and fresh faced has entered the chat. This product is chalk full of SPF to provide UV protection as well as a blend of peptides to provide maximum hydration. Our favorite part? Pigmentation is addressed via the tint and with the power house ingredient Albizia Julibrissin bark extract which is proven to help with pigmentation and puffiness.

Instant Bright Eye Mask

Instant Bright Eye Masks are the perfect eye mask for your Selfcare Sunday routine. 10/10 people agree, there is something so calming about putting on an eye mask. The best part? These masks stay in place through the rest of your chores. Plus, it is perfect to pair with your Instant Bright Eye Cream. The unique hydrogel technology of the patches work to reduce the look of puffiness providing a cooling effect for a refreshing rested appearance. Follow up with the eye cream to seal in all the goodness.  Say goodbye to Sunday Scaries! 

If you have any further questions on eye creams, feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgable providers or stop by our clinic to purchase any of the above! Reminder — when you come in to Skin Charm for your treatment, you receive 10% off all product purchases at the time of your appointment.

At Skin Charm we strive to create natural looking results using the best, gold standard treatment options.  Our staff is highly trained in the aesthetics industry and look forward to helping you meet your beauty goals.  The “Skin Charm Way” is to enhance your own, natural beauty with our motto in mind, #preservingthepretty . Together, we hope to keep you looking and feeling like the best version of yourself. To schedule an appointment in our clinic, located in Old Town Scottsdale, you can call 480-687-8996. 

We look forward to hosting you soon! 

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