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Nurse Annabelle’s Bump-Friendly Skin Care Guide

Navigating the world of skin care can be overwhelming- add in pregnancy (and/or breastfeeding) and it takes complicated to the next level. Although completely WORTH IT, parting with my coveted skin care products and regimen must-haves has been admittedly, difficult. There are, however, many bump-friendly products that have been carrying me through. Continue reading to learn more about the things I just can’t live without. 

 Before I mention what you CAN use during pregnancy, a here’s a quick note about the “No-no List”. Things do avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding:

-Retin-A, Retinol, and Retinyl Palmitate

-Benzoyl Peroxide 

-Salicylic Acid 


-Tazorac and Accutane (Retinol)

-Chemical Sunscreens

-Botox (neuromodulators)

-Dermal Fillers

-Microneedling (because of the use of numbing agents)

-PDO Threads

*Every physician has differing opinions on what is safe for you and your baby. I recommend checking with your OB to learn more about what their specific recommendations are for you. 

Now to the FUN list, below are my pregnancy-safe, must-have skin care products and services:

PCA Skin Oily/Problem Facial Wash

This sudsy cleanser gets me squeaky clean with the help of lots of bubbles and lactic acid. It’s active enough to prevent breakouts, but contains ingredients safe for baby. 

PCA Skin Hydrating Toner

Pregnancy does some weird things to your skin… like feeling simultaneously dry and shiny. I wasn’t always a “toner girl”, but this has been a pleasant addition to my regimen. Using the hydrating toner helps me feel like I get that extra step of degreasing and cleansing, while hydrating my skin all the while. Added benefit: it smells like a trip to the day spa- an absolute dream. 


Skinmedica TNS Recovery Complex

Y’all know I’m part of the TNS cult following and I’m so thankful I didn’t have to give up this gem. The TNS products (TNS Advanced, TNS Recovery, and TNS Essential) all contain a growth factor that helps to stimulate new and healthy collagen, and also helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles- sign me right up. 


PCA Skin Exlinea Pro Peptide Serum

The newest formulation of PCA Skin’s Exlinea packs some serious power. Peptides help to prevent new and existing lines from forming in the skin. Exlinea’s mechanism of action is similar in the skin as botox is in the muscle. And since I’m left without magical botox (FOR NOW!), exlinea is an absolute “must” for me. I’d also recommend this product for anyone looking to maximize the life of their botox as it works so synergistically well together. 


Skinmedica Lytera 2.0

Lytera is a skin brightener and pigment corrector that helps to prevent and treat hyperpigmentation. I, fortunately, do not suffer from melasma (so far), but this product is at the top of my list for patients that do. Not only does this product show crazy-measurable results, it’s also safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding and effectively controls hormonally-induced hyperpigmentation. 

PCA Skin Sheer Tint Spf 45

Never skip the sunscreen! This one goes without saying, but I love this super light-weight, universal shade that gives water and sweat-resistant protection (perfect for summer). This formulation is great to wear independently, or under make up as it will not “ball up”. 

PCA Skin Collagen Hydrator

The final step to my night-time routine is moisturizer! I love this uber-hydrating blend of shea, almond, and olive oils (JLO-approved) for maximum hydration. It’s like pajamas for your face. 

Body Products I’m loving:

Farmhouse Fresh Clementine Body Oil

Came through drippin’. While stretch marks are genetic, I do feel like I’m at least doing something proactively if I keep my skin oiled up. This oil smells heavenly and you’ll appreciate this clean scent even if you aren’t expecting.

Self-care. Depending on your mood, I love having these three masks in my rotation:

Farmhouse Fresh Mighty Tighty Banana

This blend of tumeric and banana Mighty Tighty for tightening and combating wrinkles


Guacstar Mask

Feeling a bit dry? Guacstar will be your BFF. This revitalizing mask is packed with fresh avocado butter, extract and oil to deliver key fatty acids to support the outermost layer of skin that helps protect us from environmental stresses.

Sand Your Ground Exfoliating Mud Mask

Sand Your Ground is perfect for mama’s looking for a bit of exfoliation. The medium-grain powdered volcanic pumice polishes skin smooth, while Red Arizona Montmorillonite Clay soothes and tones skin.  

As far as preggo-safe services go, some of my favorites include:

PCA Skin Oxygenating Trio

This is an oxygenating facial that will hydrate, exfoliate, and take your pregnancy glow to the next level. Highly recommended prior to an event (or maybe those maternity photos). 

Spa Facial

As if you need another reason to go to the day spa. While spa facials are not the most “corrective”, I do believe in a good steam, pore purge (extractions), mask, and massage to keep the face squeaky clean, and mama super-calm. Treat yo-self. 


An everyday favorite that never goes out of style. Exfoliate and ditch peach fuzz simultaneously for a super-smooth facial canvas. This service can also be added to a spa facial. 

While we will miss seeing you in clinic….

we want best for you and your baby. If you have questions regarding any products, always refer to your OB.

At Skin Charm we strive to create natural looking results using the best, gold standard treatment options.  Our nurses are highly trained in the aesthetics industry and look forward to helping you meet your beauty goals.  The “Skin Charm Way” is to enhance your own, natural beauty with our motto in mind, #preservingthepretty . Together, we hope to keep you looking and feeling like the best version of yourself. To schedule an appointment in our clinic, located in Old Town Scottsdale, you can call 480-687-8996. We look forward to hosting you soon! 

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