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When it comes to #PreservingThePretty , and naturally-appearing injectable treatments, our clinic and team of highly-skilled medical providers always strive to help you look the best version of yourself. When it comes to Botox Cosmetic (Neuromodulators) and Dermal Filler treatments, our believe is that “good work is invisible.” Your friends and family members should never think you look overly-augmented, or be able to quickly spot the area you had injected. Using injectable treatments appropriately means the product is strategically placed to balance, harmonize, and rejuvenate your unique beauty and anatomy.

When it comes to naturally-appearing injectables, our clinic highly recommends using the “Look of 3” rule when it comes to Botox Cosmetic and other neuromodulators (dysport, xeomin, and jeuveau). What exactly is the Look of 3, you ask? When we’re using neuromodulators, and specifically botox cosmetic, the medication works best and synergistically when placed in all three of the areas that have been approved by the FDA with the on-label recommended dosing ( in the high forehead, the glabellar complex also known as eleven lines, and the crow’s feet). On-label dosing for Botox Cosmetic is 64 Units- 20 Units to be applied to the Frontalis Muscle (the high forehead), 20 Units to be applied to the Glabellar Complex (also known as the eleven lines), and 24 Units to the Orbicularis Oculi muscles (also known as Crow’s Feet). The reason we recommend treating all three, on-label areas is that each group of muscles has a specific mechanism of action- some areas being muscles that pull the face down, and some muscles that lift the face up. When we treat all three areas, each muscle group can complement one another and give an overall appearance of smoother skin, with lift and rejuvenation.

Q: How often do I need Botox Cosmetic (or other neuromodulator treatments)?

A: Patients typically enjoy their results for about 3-4 months post injections. We recommend treating every 90 days (quarterly) for the best results and to preserve the integrity of your skin, both short and long term by relaxing the dynamic muscles that cause facial wrinkles and folds.

Q: Is Botox Cosmetic painful?

A: Botox is a very quick, and relatively painless procedure. A small (30 gauge) needle is inserted in a few areas of the face and patients report zero to very minimal discomfort during the procedure. The use of topical numbing cream is not necessary for this procedure, nor is the use of any pain medications before or after.

Q: What is my downtime with Botox Cosmetic (or other neuromodulator medications)?

A: There is no downtime with botox cosmetic and other neuromodulator medications. Because neuromodulators take about 14 days to take full-effect, we recommend getting treated one month prior to a big event (ie: wedding, family photographs, etc) to ensure your treatment is exactly how you’d like it for the big day. Also, because your nurse injector will be placing a small needle in the skin, there is always a chance for short-term swelling and/or bruising and this should be considered when scheduling the date of your procedure.

Q: What product is right for me?

A: Injectables can be somewhat overwhelming- whether you are familiar, or not familiar with being treated with them. There are many different products available, which is super exciting, but also very confusing for patients. An in-person consultation for assessment and discussion of your goals, with a review of your anatomy is the best place to start. During a consultation you can expect to review before + after photos as well as products, and discuss the best short and long term treatment options that are available to you. You will also receive an estimate for cost of services after you are assessed by your provider in person and can talk one on one in regards to your goals.

Q: I love to work out, how long after my injectables do I need to wait to be active again?

A: Working out is good for you, and is always highly-encouraged! Ideally, if you can avoid strenuous exercise (think cross-fit, HIIT, running, and competitive road biking or swimming) for at least 24-48 hours post-procedure it will allow for a more speedy healing period, and reduce the risk of additional swelling. Leisurely walks and stretching are encouraged for the first few days as alternative exercise choices.

Q: Should I avoid any medications prior to my injectable treatments?

A: If possible and permitted by your physician, discontinuing the use of blood-thinners, NSAIDS,  and herbal supplements two weeks prior to procedures is encouraged as an attempt to reduce the chance of bruising. If you are not able to discontinue your medications prior to procedure because of a medical condition, you are still able to have your procedure completed, however your risk of bruising and a possibly lengthier down time is likely. While the use of oral and topical arnica montana and bromelain supplements are not studied by the FDA, many patients and industry professionals believe them to be helpful in minimizing post-procedural swelling and/or bruising.  Never discontinue the use of prescription medications without direct orders from your physician. You should not take herbal supplements without direct orders from your physician if you are taking any prescription medications as they can interact causing negative, and sometimes life-threatening medical conditions. Your health always comes first over aesthetic injectable procedures.

Are you interested in learning more about Skin Charm and the non-invasive injectable and aesthetic procedures our clinic offers in Old Town, Scottsdale? Please call or text our office at 480-687-8996 and our patient care coordinators will gladly assist you in setting up an appointment, or answering any additional questions you may have. We sincerely look forward to partnering with you and helping you to put your best face forward!

Annie Bruno Thurston, RN, CANS, LE, CLT

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