PDO Threads – What Your Aesthetic Treatment Plan has been Missing

As we age, gravity can take a toll on your face. The effects of gravity can be seen within problem areas such as jowling, laugh lines, loose skin on the face/neck, etc.

But not to worry!! We have the answer: PDO Threads!

Here is the 411:

If you have tried botox, fillers and/or microneedling and still feel like you are needing a refresh, then you are the perfect candidate for PDO Thread Lift.  This is the latest and greatest non-surgical mini lift that everyone is raving about.  PDO or polydioxanone threads are fully absorbable sutures that are placed under the skin to stimulate collagen and lift sagging skin. The threads dissolve over 4-6 months and do not create any visible scarring or damage to the skin.  The results of the thread lift can last about 12-15 months with minimal downtime. This procedure can be done on the face, neck, chest, and body!

Why we love it:

At Skin Charm we love PDO threads because we prefer to treat with a more natural looking result in mind. PDO threads can help with keeping you looking like yourself as threads can be used for those areas of the face and body that don’t necessarily need more volume or filler but need some lifting and tightening. The icing on top of the injectable cake!

We also love the fact that this treatment does not require a lot of downtime post procedure and it only takes about an hour in the clinic.  You can get on with your daily life and get back to your normal routine shortly after your treatment.  We know you have things to do and people to see!

But wait there is more:

The possibilities are endless!  PDO threads are used to help jowls, laugh lines, and loose necks but they can also be used to lift the breasts, the buttocks, the knees, and so much more!  Honestly, they can be placed almost anywhere.  In addition, they can be combined with your other treatments no problem!  The collagen fairies are rejoicing!

Who is a candidate:

Almost everyone is a candidate for PDO threads! However, we always encourage and offer consultations to review your specific anatomy, medical history and answer any questions you might have regarding the procedure.

We are so excited to offer PDO threads as our newest service at Skin Charm. Head to the booking page to schedule your consultation to see if you would be a fit for this service!

We can’t wait to see your beautiful faces.


Annie + The Skin Charm Team

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