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At-Home Facial with Skin Charm + SkinMedica

As we are all currently missing our aestie-besties right now, we figured now would be the perfect time to release our version of an at home facial. While nothing can replace an in-office professional treatment, you can follow these steps to keep your skin glowing all within the comfort of your home! 

Step 1 – Cleanse 

Moisten skin with warm water. Apply your cleanser with damp fingertips and lightly scrub with small circular motions for 2 minutes. We recommend using AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pat dry. 




Step 2 – Mask 

Pick your favorite treatment mask or make your own!  In a small bowl, combine a small scoop of Dermal Repair Cream with 2 pumps of HA5® Rejuvenating Hydrator and mix well. Apply to your entire face. Wear as a mask for 10 minutes. Remove with a damp washcloth. Multi-masking option: Apply Instant Bright Eye Mask to hydrate and refresh the eye area while wearing your hydrating mask. Apply eye masks to under eye area and press firmly onto the under eye, smoothing out the edges. Ensure mask lies firmly on the skin. Gently peel from face. No need to rinse. 


Step 3 – Correct

This step is where you will bring in your favorite corrective serums. Our two favorites are  TNS Essential Serum®  and Lytera® 2.0 Pigment Correcting CreamDispense 1 pump of each on the back of your hand and blend together. Apply to your entire face (neck and chest, if desired) to support skin rejuvenation and to address stubborn skin discoloration. Pro-tip: try some facial manipulations while applying the serums to get an added lift or use a jade roller fresh out of the fridge for an extra refreshing boost.


Step 4 – Moisturize 

Apply a pea-sized amount of your moisturizer all over your face and gently massage into skin. This will lock in all the corrective serums and make sure you stay hydrated. Our favorites are the AHA/BHA cream for a little added exfoliation or the Dermal Repair cream for a more rich moisturizer.



Step 5 – Eye Cream 

The area around the eye area is thinner and more sensitive so a specialized cream can help address the issues associated. We recommend using Instant Bright Eye Cream to address fine lines and darkness.  Apply 1⁄2 pump adjacent to and beneath the eye area and eyelids to re-energize and refresh the eye area.



Step 6 – Protect 

Liberally apply sunscreen to your entire face (neck and chest, if desired) to protect against damaging UVA and UVB rays. We recommend Essential Defense Mineral ShieldTM Broad Spectrum SPF 32 (Tinted).




As always, if you have any questions on skin care, please feel free to send us an email at or DM us on Instagram @skin.charm. We look forward to seeing you all again, soon!


Annie + The Skin Charm Team

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